What is DC Business Consulting?

DC Business Consulting opened our doors in Hartford, CT on November 29, 2011. We are an independently owned and operated sales and marketing company that provides customer acquisition for Fortune 500 companies. Within the past year, DC Business Consulting's total revenue was well over $600,000; a 158% growth from our first year in business. The goal for the third year in business is to break over $1 Million in total revenue.

In August of 2013, DC Business Consulting expanded into Chicago. The company expects that within the next two years they will open 5 new offices in CT and other markets.

How are they able to grow so fast? DC Business Consulting only hires self-motivated, ambitious individuals with all different backgrounds and experiences, then provides our employees thorough training on sales, entrepreneurship, leadership, and an opportunity to become successful in the business world.

DC Business Consulting prides itself in our commitment to excellence, our people, our clients, and our customers. We make sure we create a win-win-win situation for all of our business decisions. We do all of this while cohering to their core values of passion, camaraderie, opportunity, and tenacity.

What is their motto? Work Hard, Play Hard. Our team is filled with confident, ambitious individuals. We do a weekly Office Night (karaoke, bowling, laser tag) where we welcome all friends and family as well!

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